I am an adaptable and flexible photographer based in Puglia, Southern Italy, but available to travel for any assignment. Most of my work is on location, but I also have a studio near Bari for portrait or still-life. I have access to a trusted team for additional cameras, video and drones. I speak Italian, English and a little Spanish.

In most of my work, I try to be invisible as a photographer: to capture the natural essence of the moments I am witnessing. To silently document life as it happens, trying to catch a split-second of beauty , tragedy, or just indifference. Whether in a studio or out in the world, I am always looking for an unusual frame, a dramatic perspective, pattern, texture or reflection. I try to look at life as an artwork waiting to be noticed. Fundamental to my approach is respect. To respect the situation as it is, the people as they are and nature as it is.

Experience & Qualifications
Reportage Clients include Barilla, Vanity Fair, Mondadori, Tourism Authorities of Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa.
Commercial Clients include Chiarulli, Miglignico, Bari ASD, Kaliyoga Retreats,
Coordinator for Shoot4Change Org.
Photography and Graphic Design Teacher at Bari University.
Graduated Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technology from the University of Ferrara.
Degree: Graphic Design
Masters Degree: Digital Communications Editing.

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